Introducing justelect! Your Organisation’s Next Elections and Voting Platform



Nasara Tech Ltd. is thrilled to introduce an electronic voting platform, justelect. Justelect is a secured cloud based elections platform that enables creating of elections of any size and casting votes from anywhere on any device. Through long study and analysis of various voting processes, our team came out with the need to develop a solution that computerizes the manual voting processes.

Elections are pivotal in the democratic process; hence integrity and transparency are crucial factors to be considered in establishing credibility and reliability of results. The setbacks of elections management is not peculiar to the national level but is evidenced at educational institutions, unions, clubs, associations, and numerous organisations.

Justelect is a product seeking to change traditional election methods that creates huge security issues across the world. Justelect is feature packed;

  • Our system provides a quick and easy way to create simple or advanced elections
  • Election results are automatically calculated and presented with beautiful charts.
  • Security is one of our top priority and the system has been designed from the ground up to provide high security during and after elections, such as preventing multiple votes and unauthorized access.
  • Transparency and reliability is a major key. Justelect enables organisations share results in real time with voters and can customize and enable real time results notifications via email/sms
  • The platform offers both one and two way authentication for voters. This is determined by the organisation or community. This feature enables voters to use a voting code (private key) or a specific identification (public key) signed with the generated voting code.
  • Every data coming in and leaving the system is securely encrypted with AES 256-Bit Encryption
  • Justelect makes it easy to generate secured codes and deliver them to voters. Voting codes/keys and voting URLs can be securely sent to voters via email and sms. This feature is ideal for voters who cast their votes remotely.
  • The platform enables easy voting by allowing organisations specify a URL slug for voters to quickly find elections.
  • Elections are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Voters can vote from a web browser via their mobile devices.
  • And much more…


Who Can Use justelect?

Any individual or organisation with the need to organise an election can use justelect. Justelect caters for every kind of election. Here are some of the election types;

    • Board elections
    • School Elections
      • SRC Elections
      • Departmental Elections
      • Faculty Elections
      • Classroom Elections
      • Fraternity Elections
      • Prefect Elections (Junior and High Schools)
      • etc
    • Association Elections
    • Union Elections
      • Eg. African Union Elections
      • United Nations Elections
      • Ghana Student Union Elections
      • etc
    • Association Elections
    • Club Elections
    • Church Elections
    • Public Opinions
      • Municipality Elections
      • Government Elections
      • Political Groups
      • Media Houses
  • And much more…


How To Access The Platform

Signing up is free. You are not required to pay any fees. Elections with at most 30 voters can be organised for FREE.

Visit to get started

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